Group travel

Group travel is our main business. We always work close together with our clients to deliver a product, which fulfills their expectations. The spectrum of cooperation modes is very wide: from a pre-defined tour program, which our clients wish to be executed exactly as specified – to a custom-made tour, where our expertise is essential for the design and smooth execution of the tour.

Below you will find few examples of tours, which we designed for our clients. They might be an inspiration also for your company!

Grand Central Europe Tour
– an 18 days tour

Germany (Berlin), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tallinn)

On the traces of the former Austrian Empire
– a 12 days tour

Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Krakow)

Poland and Baltic States
– a 11 days tour

Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tallinn)

The very central in Central Europe
– a 9 days tour

Germany (Berlin), Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), Czech Republic (Prague)

Slovenian Spirit
– a 9 days tour

Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), Czech Republic (Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava)

Discover Switzerland and its neighbors
– an 14 days tour

Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Lucerne), Italy (Milan)

Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria
– a 14 days tour

Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Austria (Graz, Vienna), Hungary (Budapest)

Please note that the above tours are just a very few examples of the tours we offer. And because we want to treat our customers individually, we are always ready to prepare a tailor-made offer just for your group.

So send us your request and we will send you an offer. Especially made for you.

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